Since our launch, MindSite News has been covering the rise of psychedelic therapies, the progress of research, and their potential for bringing healing and wellness. 30% of adult Americans are grappling with mental illness and substance use disorders — and psychedelic therapies show promise. Once relegated to the countercultural fringe, there is now an explosion of serious scientific research. The potential for psychedelic drugs to be used as legitimate therapies is rapidly gaining recognition and legal status.

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As psychedelics move into the mainstream, the public will need reliable information to separate inaccurate and overhyped claims from those based on reliable science. As investors form companies to develop and market these drugs, and as clinicians and company clinics provide both drugs and therapy, there will be a need for accountability reporting on their activities and practices. Too often, existing media cover this space in sensational, superficial or overhyped ways.

The need for an independent news source dedicated to rigorous reporting on the progress and pitfalls of psychedelic use is essential. We are at a pivotal moment with policy and cultural change happening at both state and federal levels, and MindSite News is poised to play a role in tracking progress, reporting deeply on these issues, and becoming the trusted source for individuals, policy makers, and mental health professionals seeking unbiased, comprehensive updates as it all unfolds. 

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MindSite News is excited to launch a conversation series on October 3, 2022 beginning with author and journalist Michael Pollan to discuss his work documenting the explosion of interest, research and investment into psychedelic plants and substances and the vast potential they may hold for changing consciousness, treating mental illness and alleviating suffering. 

In this series of live virtual events, MindSite News’ founding editor Rob Waters will be in conversation with journalists including Simran Sethi, founder of the Asian Psychedelic Collective, as well as policy makers and advocates including David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner’s, to discuss the need for deep, unbiased reporting on psychedelics and mental health. 

We invite you to join us for these events and to take advantage of this rare opportunity to be in conversation with key thought leaders of our time. Sign up today to join our conversation with Michael Pollan on October 3, 2022 at 10am and then share this event on social media. 

As Michael Pollan said of this psychedelic renaissance, in an interview with MindSite News, “There’s a lot more curiosity than there is good information.” 

MindSite News is poised to change that with your support.

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