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This week we are excited to bring you a feature story about Kristen Dunphy, creator of the new Showtime series Wakefield, premiering tonight, October 18, at 9 pm ET/PT. As Dunphy tells MindSite News writer Sarah Henry, her own experiences with severe depression and panic disorder, informed the creation – and creativity – behind the show.

Dunphy talks candidly about her “virus of the soul” and tells MindSite News that the central message of Wakefield is that “we are all bonkers.”

Batsh*t Crazy: The Creator of Wakefield Draws On Her Own Experience For Psych Ward Drama

By Sarah Henry

Wakefield was never going to be an easy sell. An intense drama unfolding in a mental institution would be tough for anyone to market, but for Australian screenwriter Kristen Dunphy, it was especially fraught. Dunphy had spent decades struggling with severe depression and a panic disorder, leading to several long-term stays at psychiatric facilities. Despite […]

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