Updates to note that Sarah Henry’s stories took first place when the Press Club released the rankings on Dec. 8.

MindSite News contributors won two awards from the San Francisco Press Club in the publication’s first time entering the awards competition.

Sarah Henry

Writer Sarah Henry won the top prize in the Series/Continuing Coverage category for her compelling arts and culture series on the changing views of mental illness in films, streaming series, novels and television.

The series included Batsh*t Crazy, her profile of the creator of Wakefield, an Australian television drama set in a psychiatric hospital; On the Couch with TV’s Ted Lasso, a feature on the popular Apple+ TV series Ted Lasso; and an exploration of a controversial documentary on the life and death of Anthony Bourdain, the brilliant but troubled celebrity chef, author and television travel guide.

Julia Landau

Julia Landau won a Commentary Award for her essay, “An Interrogation of Grief.”

This personal essay describes her wrenching search for closure in the loss of two people in her extended family during the pandemic, one a suicide and another a mystery. On a one-year search for answers to two inexplicable deaths, she says, she stumbled upon solace by talking through private pain.

Congratulations to these fabulous writers. We’re proud to publish their work.

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