Mental Health News

Cracks in Moms for Liberty Group Widen

Pennsylvania chapter leaves after husband of Moms for Liberty co-founder and Florida Republican Chair accused of rape. The emotional burden of Parent Plus loans. And more.

Inching Toward Mental Health Parity

Novel enforcement of the federal parity law requiring most insurance plans to cover mental health on par with physical health. Ukraine war widows and their children try mountain climbing to work through grief. And more.

Pot and Pregnancy: a Risky Combination

New study finds exposure to marijuana use during pregnancy raises infant health risks. Plus, hairdressers in Africa join the ranks of lay people providing mental health support.

An Epidemic has Become a Crisis

What’s worse than fentanyl? Fentanyl + meth + THC + xylazine. The physician leading the team assisting newly released Israeli hostages talks about their needs.

A City Fails Its People

A New York Times investigation uncovered a poorly managed system of care for the city’s most severely mentally ill that put lives at risk.

Tribute to Rosalynn Carter, a Tireless Voice for Mental Health

Over a span of span of six decades, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter was a tireless advocate who fought to transform the way that mental illness – and the people who experience mental health conditions – were viewed and treated. She died Sunday at the age of 96.

Cue Cards for a Happier Mind

Anh Oppenheimer has created a card deck to help teens and adults remember the light when darkness is all they see. How racism affects Black kids’ mental health. The power of friendship. And more.


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