Mental Health News

“It’s not just you,” says the NY Times

Mental health is political. The term mental health is a euphemism. Exhausted musicians are canceling tour dates. And a conservative writer says the mental health crisis is a spiritual one.

Therapy dogs bring joy to Michigan schools

Therapy dogs bring joy to Michigan schools. Children’s books increasingly embrace diversity and mental health issues. And researchers find a link between childhood feelings of being unloved and adult depression.

Screening for anxiety

An expert panel recommends annual screening for anxiety – but who would treat all those anxious people ? A close look at EMDR therapy. Seattle’s King County Jail will make changes to deal with a spike in suicides.

MindSite News Launches Live Conversation Series on Psychedelics and Mental Health

MindSite News—the only news site dedicated exclusively to reporting on mental health in America—is launching a live public conversation series that will take place throughout the month of October to engage the public in conversations about psychedelics and mental health. The campaign also aims to raise funds to support our nonprofit journalism and ongoing coverage…

Traumatic brain injuries plague survivors of intimate partner violence

Three-quarters of women who’ve experienced intimate partner violence have traumatic brain injuries. The outdoors can be a balm for mental health. Plus: a suicide prevention organizatiom teams up with “Soul Shop” to help Black church leaders identify parishioners struggling with their mental health.

Nursing a vulnerability hangover

The intense regret, shame and anxiety people tend to feel after oversharing is usually unwarranted. Atypical depression in women is common. Plus: The risks of using cannabis while pregnant.

The Ethics of Taking Addiction Photos

When does taking pictures of addiction and poverty become exploitation? Prescribing antipsychotics to foster kids in CA takes a nosedive. And shift workers: Liimiting meals to daytime hours may help control depression and anxiety.

‘It feels like I am a void’

The impact of long Covid on cognitive function. A new study brings more positive news about ketamine. And a still-potent form of stigma against lawyers.

Hospitals, investigate thyselves?

When Michigan psychiatric hospitals are accused of violating patients’ rights, guess who gets to investigate? A new study finds there’s a high price to pay for failing to invest in good, equitable mental health services.

Calls to 988 crisis line jump in 1st month

Calls answered by the new 988 crisis line increased by almost half. Personal tragedies helped motivate policymakers to start a new mental health caucus. And a disturbing look at the mental health toll of climate change in Texas.


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