Mental Health News

Pets Boost Childrens’ Mental Health

Research shows furry companions can promote mental health and resilience in kids. The first Congressional Dads Caucus. Teen psychologist Barbara Greenberg on mother-daughter dynamics. Honoring a slain father’s memory in Monterey Park. And more.

Retired sheriff: Police culture must change

“We, America’s law-enforcement leaders, have to change,” retired King County Sheriff Sue Rahr writes. Plus: Showers and creativity. Are you perfectionist? Have you ever been perfectionist? And gun clubs take aim at suicide prevention.

Bearing Witness to Horror

Another horrific testament in the archives of Black deaths. Wedding-related eating disorders. A viral personality quiz has the last laugh. When to quit your job. And more.

CA wins right to enroll incarcerated in Medicaid

California will become the first state in the country able to provide Medicaid coverage to incarcerated people. New York’s mayor releases a plan for mental health services for the city’s public schools. And country singer Chase Rice gets real – and powerful – about mental health.

Helping Black Men Heal

This month, we chat with an Army vet and retired corrections officer who is now a mental health advocate for Black men. We look at the lack of police officers trained in crisis intervention techniques in New Hampshire. And more.

Gun Violence: Four Graphics Worth a Thousand Words

As the nation reels again from mass shootings and gun violence – and really, when have we stopped reeling in recent years? – four graphics can tell us almost everything we need to know about the true nature of gun violence in America.

Stop blaming gun violence on the mentally ill

The importance of culturally responsive therapists. The uneven push to provide mental health care for NFL players. And my thoughts on how gun violence keeps being blamed on the mentally ill, instead of politicians.

Peer counselors to the rescue?

Hiring peer support workers could help Washington State combat its severe shortage of mental health workers. Difficulties rolling out the ‘Trieste model’ for mental health in LA. How the O’Hare Airport shelters unhoused people from the deadly cold. And more.

How Matisse moved from anxiety to creativity

A new exhibit asks a provocative question: How did Matisse get out of an anxiety-fueled slump and create a whole new art form? Climate change’s effect on mental health goes beyond behavior – it may alter your brain. Can lithium in drinking water reduce the risk of suicide? And Canada’s new guidelines for alcohol say…


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