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Michael Pollan on the Ebbing Drug War and the Fast-Growing Era of Psychedelic Research

For three decades, in eight books and untold articles, Michael Pollan has been writing and teaching us about the food we eat and the ways people and plants intersect in the natural (and unnatural) world. In the process, he helped create a new field of journalism centered on the food system and its impact on the economy, the environment, and human relationships – not to mention how we prepare and celebrate our meals.  In recent years, he has turned his attention from our palate to our mind – and our use of natural substances to alter it. He is now…

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David Bartley Stepped Back from the Precipice and Now He Helps Others Do the Same

David Bartley may be the hardest working man in suicide prevention and also one of the most vulnerable. He has experienced both horrible abuse and deep depression and found a path forward. In the hundreds of talks and trainings he does, he doesn’t hesitate to mine these experiences and share them with his audience — along with some good animal stories. Kristene Smith, chief executive officer of Mental Health California, calls Bartley a “selfless transformation agent” in the mental health world. “His words sear into you, like daggers of love, digging through your soul to get you to the other…

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