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Thanks for the memories, REM

A new study suggests that recovery from psychosis is more possible than many people think. Another shows that peers might be the best suicide- prevention messengers. And a third shows the role of REM sleep in firming up memories.

The Neuroscience of Touch

Scientists discover the long-sought neural messenger for the pleasurable sensations from cuddles and caresses. Provocative research shows that women are four times more likely to die by suicide if there are firearms in the home. And new research on eating disorders among LGBT adults.

Video games: solution or problem?

New research explores the impact that young peer support specialists can have in working with people struggling with addiction and mental illness. We also look at a commentary from a leading mental health researcher who suggests that recent reported declines in suicide rates may be statistical blips. And then we ask that time-honored question: Is…

The virtual doctor will see you now

April 15, 2022 By Tom Insel, MD, and Matthew Hirschtritt, MD, MPH Good morning, Research Roundup readers. The studies we review this week cover a broad range of mental health research: We take a deep look at new genomic studies about schizophrenia and assess their impact (spoiler alert: not much yet). We have a hopeful…

Diagnosis by TikTok?

A new paper investigates the accuracy and uptake of TikTok videos about ADHD. Spoiler alert: accuracy is low, uptake is, well, viral. We also look at AI-based linguistic tools to measure thought disorder and – who knew? – the relationship of birth spacing to oppositional defiant disorder (ODD).


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