Born This Way Foundation Event by MindSite News

Today’s young people are growing up in a time of almost unprecedented stress. Climate change, a raging opioid epidemic and relentless gun violence have created existential threats. Income inequality and racial injustice magnify stress and fear. Combined with three years of isolation and anxiety from the Covid-19 pandemic, these challenges have created a mental health crisis for today’s youth.

Fortunately, young people all across the country are getting active to create change. Many are working directly to support the needs of other young people and are using their ideas and creativity to build a youth mental health movement.

On Thursday March 30 at 10 am PDT, join MindSite News and BeMe Health for a live discussion with youth advisory board members from Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. We’ll hear from young leaders about the mental health problems today’s youth are grappling with and learn what the Foundation is doing to support their mental health and to build a kinder, braver world. Keep reading to learn more about the participants and to register for the event.



Neha Chaudhary, MD

Neha Chaudhary, MD | Editorial Advisory Board, MindSite News
Neha is a board-certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist on faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. As a medical journalist she has written for The New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, Wired, CNN, ABC News and other outlets. She co-founded Brainstorm, Stanford’s Lab for Mental Health Innovation. Her research focuses on the intersection of technology and mental health, including using tech to promote early intervention and resilience in children. She is a strong believer in the power of journalism and storytelling to make mental health mainstream.

Rob Waters, MindSite News

Rob Waters | Founding Editor, MindSite News
Rob is an award-winning health and mental health journalist who has worked as a staff reporter or editor at Bloomberg News, Time Inc. Health and the Psychotherapy Networker. His articles have appeared in Health Affairs, the Washington Post, Kaiser Health News, STAT, the, Mother Jones and many other outlets. He was a 2005 fellow with the Carter Center for Mental Health Journalism. In 2021, his mental health reporting was honored by the Association of Health Care Journalists, the National Institute for Health Care Management, and the Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California.

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