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Gen Z: Back to the Future

Gen Z’ers may be driving sales of flip phones in an effort to disconnect from the harmful effects of omnipresent social media. Also in this edition: Investigating LBGTQ suicides in Utah. How queer ecology helped a gay man embrace his identity. Late diagnoses for some women with ADHD. And more.

An Awakening – and a Wakeup Call

In an astonishing development, a woman who was catatonic for two decades with a diagnosis of schizophrenia was treated for lupus and…woke up, opening a new avenue of psychiatric treatment. Plus: The biggest problem with plans that force people into mental health treatment is also the simplest, an opinion writer declares: It’s forced.

Why AI Bots Should Not Work a Hotline

Another warning of why a chatbot doesn’t belong on a counseling helpline. Dr. Greenberg on taking a pause. More families with trans kids flee red states. And more.

Promoting Asian American mental health

A bill aimed at better addressing mental health needs in Asian American communities was reintroduced in Congress. And incarcerated moms try to work through the grief of losing the right to parent their children.

Ukraine: Life During Wartime

War isn’t only about bombs, bullets and deaths on the battlefield. It is also about people away from the fighting, struggling to maintain a modicum of normalcy and hope in their daily lives.

#DisabledJoy Lives On

Two new MindSite News stories look at #DisabledJoy and the slow progress of 988 awareness campaigns. Plus a diversion program is getting people with mental illness out of jail and into treatment. The latest news on ketamine, and more.

New warning on teen mental health

The Surgeon General calls for immediate action on social media dangers for kids The grief of parenting without our own parents. Millennial dads stop up to the plate. And more.

Do Grief Dreams Help Ease Loss?

A look at how racism affects the mental health of Black youth, sometimes at an early age. Scientists challenge the “toxic culture” and mental health crisis in academic science.

What a Therapist Chatbot Can’t Deliver

Humans have something a chatbot therapist doesn’t.The mental health benefits of art. A youth science project that could save lives. And more.

Does Therapy Really Work?

A deep look at therapy. The mental health crisis for North Carolina kids. And drug overdose deaths were virtually unchanged last year – again claiming more than 100,000 lives.

The Power of Fantasy Fiction for Youth

For young people struggling to find their place in a sometimes hostile world, fantasy fiction offers an outlet and a way to process emotions. And a look at schools across the country where kids are taking the lead in making others feel welcome and supported.

Kids Coping Through Kindness

New research suggests that gender inequality harms women’s brains. Post-traumatic growth may be overhyped. And the limits of talk therapy are up for debate.

Why are we rejecting life-saving overdose prevention?

Politicians on both sides of the aisle tend to vote against harm reduction measures. High temperatures are more dangerous for people with schizophrenia. Protecting jurors’ mental health. And more.

Youth eating disorders doubled during pandemic

In other news, Sesame Workshop kicks off a mental health initiative. Teen psychologist Barbara Greenberg on the fear of college rejection letters. A Black mother’s frightening experience with the mental health system. And more.

The mysteries of centenarians

The federal government extended telehealth prescribing. Why centenarians almost never develop Alzheimer’s. Officials in Minnesota crack down on health insurers that violate parity laws. And a small California city launches a crisis response team.

Seasonal allergies linked to mood disorders

The chronic inflammation associated with seasonal allergies may trigger depression or anxiety. In other news, researchers urge more study of the placebo effect. Schools start later to preserve teen mental health. And more.

In New York, moral outrage and human care

Two tales from one city: Outrage continues over the killing of Jordan Neely, a mentally ill man on a New York City subway. And a dedicated team of outreach workers works to help homeless people struggling with mental illness to get off the streets and to get supportive services.

When motherhood triggers mental illness

One in five moms develops or experiences a mental illness during pregnancy and the first year after birth. Why emotional abuse from a parent is so damaging, and how to prevent it. The Jonas Brothers’ surprising parenting advice. And more.

Escaping Extremism – with Help from Former Extremists

The Surgeon General says loneliness poses risks similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. A debate over self-diagnosing mental illness. And former violent extremists are helping others extricate themselves from hate groups.

Celebrating an adult diagnosis of autism

Why realizing you are different can be freeing. The hazards of routinely prescribing amphetamines with antidepressants. TikTok’s new viral mental health anthem. And more.

NYC to pay millions for jail isolation practices

Friday, April 28, 2023 By Josh McGhee Happy Friday MindSiters. I’m enjoying sunny California this weekend. Here’s to hoping spring has finally sprung. In this month’s Diagnosis: Injustice, we look at a multi-million dollar settlement for thousands of people held in solitary confinement in New York. We’ll take a look at new details in the…

Helping your children stand up to hate

How you can teach your children to defend targeted peers. Plus: Mattel has come out with a Down syndrome Barbie. The research linking cell phones with Gen Z’s mental health crisis. And more.

Images of a Community’s Last Days

A photo essay shows us the last days of a homeless encampment in Oakland. Psychiatrist Judith Herman returns to the fray after 30 years. And Minnesota works to boost diversity among mental health professionals.

Good news about bad feelings

It’s judging anger or sadness as ‘wrong’ that causes us mental distress, not the feelings themselves, a new study says. Harvard launches a new mindfulness center for public health. Plus: Less than a third of employers are satisfied with their workplace mental health coverage.

A town that takes care of its own

A visit to a town in Belgium, where people with mental illness live with foster families. Apple’s new iPhone app will help people journal, a potential mental health tool.


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