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Pets Boost Childrens’ Mental Health

Research shows furry companions can promote mental health and resilience in kids. The first Congressional Dads Caucus. Teen psychologist Barbara Greenberg on mother-daughter dynamics. Honoring a slain father’s memory in Monterey Park. And more.

Retired sheriff: Police culture must change

“We, America’s law-enforcement leaders, have to change,” retired King County Sheriff Sue Rahr writes. Plus: Showers and creativity. Are you perfectionist? Have you ever been perfectionist? And gun clubs take aim at suicide prevention.

Bearing Witness to Horror

Another horrific testament in the archives of Black deaths. Wedding-related eating disorders. A viral personality quiz has the last laugh. When to quit your job. And more.

CA wins right to enroll incarcerated in Medicaid

California will become the first state in the country able to provide Medicaid coverage to incarcerated people. New York’s mayor releases a plan for mental health services for the city’s public schools. And country singer Chase Rice gets real – and powerful – about mental health.

Helping Black Men Heal

This month, we chat with an Army vet and retired corrections officer who is now a mental health advocate for Black men. We look at the lack of police officers trained in crisis intervention techniques in New Hampshire. And more.

Sibling relationships and Prince Harry’s memoir

The prince’s book Spare has ushered in new conversations about sibling dynamics. Growing up Asian in America. Plus: Talking to your kids about gun violence. And more.

Stop blaming gun violence on the mentally ill

The importance of culturally responsive therapists. The uneven push to provide mental health care for NFL players. And my thoughts on how gun violence keeps being blamed on the mentally ill, instead of politicians.

Peer counselors to the rescue?

Hiring peer support workers could help Washington State combat its severe shortage of mental health workers. Difficulties rolling out the ‘Trieste model’ for mental health in LA. How the O’Hare Airport shelters unhoused people from the deadly cold. And more.

How Matisse moved from anxiety to creativity

A new exhibit asks a provocative question: How did Matisse get out of an anxiety-fueled slump and create a whole new art form? Climate change’s effect on mental health goes beyond behavior – it may alter your brain. Can lithium in drinking water reduce the risk of suicide? And Canada’s new guidelines for alcohol say…

Myths About the Teenage Brain

Why all those scary mood swings and risk-taking may actually be good news. Family road trips without Baby Shark. How to stop school bullies. Tech for LGBTQ+ kids’ support. And more.

Prince Harry memoir stirs interest in psychedelics for prolonged grief

A look at the discussion following the news that Prince Harry used psychedelics to try to cope with his grief over the death of his mother, Princess Diana. Plus: How imams combat stigma over mental health. An attorney urges the U.S. to ban conversion therapy. And how racial discrimination can wreak havoc on your body’s…

Coffee, hip-hop and mental health

A Chicago cafe uses coffee sales to fund free therapy for those who need it. Denver pair social workers with park rangers to address needs of the unhoused. Why grouchiness and illness go together. And tips on getting over “productivity guilt.”

On MLK Jr. Day, a self-care reminder

Martin Luther King Jr. was aware that his work for equal rights for Black Americans took a toll on him psychologically and emotionally. “I have been giving, giving, giving and not stopping to retreat and meditate like I should,” he wrote in 1959. Also: a college course preps students to look out for their own…

The Case Against Spanking

Research has long shown that spanking is harmful to kids’ mental health and safety. Dr. Greenberg on the problems of uncontrolled venting. Theatre classes teach empathy. And more.

Best Mental Health Books of 2022

Mashable’s list of the top mental health books. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot criticized for not reopening mental health clinics. “Tranq dope” adds new danger to drug zones. And more.

Seattle Schools Take On Tech Giants Over Mental Health

A David vs. Goliath lawsuit seeks to hold social media giants accountable for the youth mental health crisis. Public defenders at a breaking point. Update on the Maternal Mental Health Hotline. And more.

Insurers with Medicare contracts impede treatment access

News from around the web: The FDA has approved a new Alzheimer’s drug that few people will be able to afford. Insurers with Medicare Advantage contracts erect barriers to opioid treatment. And more.

The top mental health stories of 2022

2022, the Year of the Tiger, was the year mental health was fully embraced as a national issue – and seen, finally, as a major human crisis that had long been ignored. It was a year of unprecedented attention on mental health from the media, and unprecedented funding from politicians.

Trouble on Love Island

A push to address mental health needs in Dearborn, Michigan, home to the largest Muslim community in the US. Also: tips on making New Year’s resolutions relevant, addressing trouble on Love Island, and a peer-to-peer solution for veterans.

ER Visits for Kids: Not a Good Way to Address Mental Health Crises

A new study points to the futility of using psychiatric ERs to address kids’ mental health crises. Another links state abortion restrictions to higher suicide rates among women. Plus: the mental health of Marvel superheroes. And more.

Chicago experiments with crisis response

An in-depth look at Chicago’s new effort to create a mobile response system – and the debate over the role police should play. Also, a Los Angeles mother struggles to get help for her son. And voices of people who have been involuntarily hospitalized in NYC.

A dream deferred – and mental health preserved

The NBA’s Tyrell Terry leaves basketball to regain his mental health. A law professor with schizophrenia says the disease doesn’t define you. More Americans are aging alone. And more.

Word of the year: gaslighting

The heightened mental health risk of incarcerated LGBTQ+ youth. A hospital doctor uses her cartooning skills to share the joy of World Cup mania.

Coping with suicides and myths

The myth that suicides rise during the holiday season just won’t go away. A social justice organization led by indigenous women provides vital support for indigenous immigrants in LA. A Washington Post investigation details how federal inaction enabled the fentanyl epidemic.

Selena Gomez walks the talk

A new documentary shows Selena Gomez the mental health advocate in action. Plus: Dr. Barbara Greenberg’s advice for a teen who has the winter blues, Black psychiatrists helping Black kids in Atlanta, schools and climate change. And more.

Selena Gomez as Model for Gen Z

December 15, 2022 By Diana Hembree and Courtney Wise Hello MindSite News readers, Today we bring you a review of the new documentary on the mental health struggles of megastar Selena Gomez, who has navigated a high-pressure career while grappling with bipolar disorder. Only 30 years old, Gomez is a sought-after actor, singer, producer, entrepreneur…


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