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“It’s not just you,” says the NY Times

Mental health is political. The term mental health is a euphemism. Exhausted musicians are canceling tour dates. And a conservative writer says the mental health crisis is a spiritual one.

Therapy dogs bring joy to Michigan schools

Therapy dogs bring joy to Michigan schools. Children’s books increasingly embrace diversity and mental health issues. And researchers find a link between childhood feelings of being unloved and adult depression.

Screening for anxiety

An expert panel recommends annual screening for anxiety – but who would treat all those anxious people ? A close look at EMDR therapy. Seattle’s King County Jail will make changes to deal with a spike in suicides.

Traumatic brain injuries plague survivors of intimate partner violence

Three-quarters of women who’ve experienced intimate partner violence have traumatic brain injuries. The outdoors can be a balm for mental health. Plus: a suicide prevention organizatiom teams up with “Soul Shop” to help Black church leaders identify parishioners struggling with their mental health.

Nursing a vulnerability hangover

The intense regret, shame and anxiety people tend to feel after oversharing is usually unwarranted. Atypical depression in women is common. Plus: The risks of using cannabis while pregnant.

The Ethics of Taking Addiction Photos

When does taking pictures of addiction and poverty become exploitation? Prescribing antipsychotics to foster kids in CA takes a nosedive. And shift workers: Liimiting meals to daytime hours may help control depression and anxiety.

‘It feels like I am a void’

The impact of long Covid on cognitive function. A new study brings more positive news about ketamine. And a still-potent form of stigma against lawyers.

Hospitals, investigate thyselves?

When Michigan psychiatric hospitals are accused of violating patients’ rights, guess who gets to investigate? A new study finds there’s a high price to pay for failing to invest in good, equitable mental health services.

Calls to 988 crisis line jump in 1st month

Calls answered by the new 988 crisis line increased by almost half. Personal tragedies helped motivate policymakers to start a new mental health caucus. And a disturbing look at the mental health toll of climate change in Texas.

The Trouble With Kids and Cell Phones

An opinion writer proposes giving kids a cell phone when they’re ready for it: at age 30. A potential backlash against psychedelic therapy hype. And the Celtics’ Grant Williams talks with rookies about mental health.

The Myth of Normal

Author and physician Gabor Maté urges people to abandon the myth of ‘normal.’ California passes a landmark bill to protect children online. New questions about melatonin. Plus: 10-minute breaks at work improve productivity and mental health.

Opioid treatment by telehealth

Public libraries use social workers to help homeless patrons. Telehealth prescribing of meds for opioid use disorder works. And “temporal disintegration” – it’s a real thing, and really confusing.

Kids who bully themselves online

Kids who post mean comments about themselves online are more likely to attempt suicide. A homeless woman in LA gets comfort and cheer from her emotional support duck. And more.

Coming Thursday: Live Event – Hiding in Plain Sight

MindSite News Daily is taking the day off on Labor Day but we want to remind you about our MindSite News Live Event on youth mental health coming up this week on Thursday Sept. 8 at 4:00pm PST / 7:00pm EST. 

Can psilocybin therapy help curb heavy drinking?

A small study finds two doses of psilocybin (and talk therapy) dramatically reduced heavy drinking. Plus, how sleep, light and circadian rhythms offer new hope for depression, along with novel research about oral microbes and suicidal thinking.

Helping moms with postpartum depression

Helping mothers and their partners avoid postpartum depression in Utah. Plus, Black moms and mushrooms, the cognitive benefits of playing an instrument, and the problem with ‘hostile’ architecture.

Generation Rx, all over again

An unfortunate trend that was just getting started 22 years ago continues unabated today: putting children on multiple psychiatric medications in unstudied combinations. Plus, Alabama schools try to cope with cyberbullying – and get parents to monitor kids’ social media.

Take-home ketamine?

Ketamine clinics are growing rapidly, and some are dispensing the drug for take-home use. Plus, a series of articles on new insights into depression and a critical look at wilderness programs for troubled teens.

An American tragedy

A new book reviews a tragic case of undiagnosed mental illness. A push for Indigenous therapists. And the futility of trying to get insurers to cover mental health.

The gender gap in youth mental health

Why girls are imploding during the youth mental health crisis. California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill to allow safe injection sites. And the New York Times tells the story of a youth whose mental health struggles were compounded by the dark side of the internet.

Big decision for Gavin Newsom

Governor Gavin Newsom must decide whether to let three California cities set up sites where drug users can inject themselves under care and supervision. Seep pods on campus let college students take power naps. And more.

Cowgirl boots, anxious nights

Today, a MindSite News Original looks at young transgender people and their families who are grappling with hostile policies. San Diego faces a drastic shortage of mental health workers. And a new focus for many therapists is “financial therapy.”

Coming soon: Another MindSite News Live event

Virtual Reality isn’t just for fun and games, it can also be a form of treatment for mental health disorders. Black school psychologists – a rarity across the country – are working to increase their numbers, to make a difference for Black kids.

Will California limit solitary confinement?

California’s legislature considers a bill that would greatly limit solitary confinement in prison. A Canadian city has dramatically reduced chronic homelessness. And a giant genomic database raises privacy concerns alongside hopes of cures.

As school resumes, mental health worries grow

As kids return to school, the schools they’re going back to are hard-pressed to meet their mental health needs. Critics take to social media to express fears about the impact of calling 988. And super-heroes with mental health challenges.


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